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Well, i never seen such resource here so i've made the first version of it (i will think if there will be new versions)

What is it?

It's a basic friend list resource

How does it work?

I used player serial's to store them into an xml file called "data.xml" then when he adds a new friend it adds the name of the nick of the player and his/her serial.

I hope there aren't bugs so far.

Enjoy it.



Version 2.0 features:

* Friend status turns green if user is online/red if user is offline.

* Fixed small bug where you aren't able to add a friend if someone else already added him.

* Added GUI chat system.

Version 3.0 features:

* Pop ups connect, chatting.

* Fixed bug can't remove friends.

* Added Profile information.

New command: /setp

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Hey there, i'm glad to announce a new up-coming version of this resource, this version will let you chat with as many friends as you want per time, also it has a custom button style created by me, it will also fix some minnor issues on the code.

If you have any suggestion fell free to post here.

Greetings, Castillo.

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Thehookerkiller01, what do you mean by store it in Mysql? i don't know much of it, and i don't get why should it be in Mysql istead of XML + SQL.


- The player who is added as friend haves to accept the other person first - I was already doing this.

- Serial must not be visible - It's already hiden.

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A few ideas and stuff:

i) I don't think you should use mysql

ii) Instead of storing plaintext serial's md5() encode them.

iii) Statuses (Appear Offline, Busy, Online etc.)

iv) have something like a minimise button on the gui and when pressing it it shows a small button in the botttom right corner that opens directly to gui.

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Hello again! I have decided to finally upload the version 4.5 of my friends list resource, with this new version it brings a lot of changes, such as rewritten almost the whole script, added features such as language system, block friends, and some other changes in the interface system.

I'll leave some screenshots in a slideshow.

Slideshow: http://img691.imageshack.us/slideshow/w ... 123038.png

Download 4.5:

http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=1267

Enjoy and please report bugs, thanks.

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