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[DM] Bauss v1 - ALL IN!

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Bauss v1 - ALL IN!

I am proud to present my first map - ALL IN!

Why All In?

Because it will probably be my first and my last map, cause I'm too lazy to be a mapper. All in, because I've put in most of my greatest ideas to this map. Maybe I'll make something else also, we'll see.

NB! Most of the bugs seen on the video are now fixed.

Watch in 720p ;)

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wow! i was blown away by this map :o(not happens a lot to me with DM maps)

definitely deserves the name All In ;)

Furthermore i agree with varez, the fact that you really could have mud on you window is awesome :)

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MAYBE, if I get enough great and what's most important, ORIGINAL, ideas, I'll make a v2. Mapping takes a lot of time and I just don't want to waste a lot of time to make "just another DM map", I want to make something that is original and that players would really enjoy playing on.

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