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Another interesting method is compiling all client scripts to one file. It's can be done by lua compiler too.

Which Lua compiler

Another interesting method is to script object-oriented.

Since thieves can't understand it I'm pretty sure they will fail at using it.

Example is my anticheat which was stolen but failed completely. It simply killed everybody who joined.

How are you going to realise this?

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Not bumping* just need to know, because this post is inside the tools. viewtopic.php?f=91&t=31891 >How to make client scripts exist only in memory<

Well how do I set up this?

Must the .lua client file that should be read in the meta?

Must this "Client Lua file:" also be in the file that should be read?

Do I need one client file for reading and the other for the script that should be loaded in the memory?


@ Postby Ransom on Tue Feb 08, 2011 4:44 am (page 1)

Server Lua file:

function RecieveScriptFromServer () 
    local file = fileOpen ( 'CLIENTSIDE.lua', true )--This opens the script containing the clientside script inside the resource 
    if file then    
        local packets = {} 
        local counter = 1 
        while not fileIsEOF(file) do              
            packets[counter] = fileRead(file, 30000)--65535 byte send limit per trigger 
            counter = counter + 1 
        triggerClientEvent ( "onRequestClientFiles", root, packets) 
        outputConsole("Client files are missing serverside!") 
addEvent( "onRecieveScriptFromServer", true ) 
addEventHandler( "onRecieveScriptFromServer", root, RecieveScriptFromServer )    

Client Lua file:

triggerServerEvent ( "onRecieveScriptFromServer", getLocalPlayer() )  
function RequestClientFiles (clientCode) 
    append = "" 
    for k,v in ipairs(clientCode) do 
        append = append..v 
addEvent( "onRequestClientFiles", true ) 
addEventHandler( "onRequestClientFiles", root, RequestClientFiles ) 

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What is this about? You can just use the protected="true" attribute in your meta.xml. For instance this:

<script src="myscript.lua" type="client" protected="true" /> 

I remember that not working in Linux, not sure if it has been solved already.

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