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Game Freezes at Title

Guest KDM

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Ok, I can connect to the MTA server through ASE ok. I can even chat with players and all. When I open GTA:VC the two little movie's play then it goes to the title screen and freezes. When I hit enter the game closes.

I have installed a few building mods and that beach castle mod and some car skins. Is it freezing because of those? I'd like to keep this modded version for single player use.

If I install GTA:VC on another harddrive, will I be able to play online? Or is there a fix for my original problem?

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try this:

check if ur version of GTA:VC is the same were u chosed on mta client;

if u have space on ur HD, create a copy of ur VC whit custom models, custom buildings, blah blah, and paste were u want to use( i have mine like c:\...\gta vice city\gta_vice_city_edited\)

then (hope u made backups of ur edited files) restore the backup files then try

if dont work then reinstal vc =)

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it is most likely from the car mods... because sometimes you have to install the car to a speffic car... i/e the ferrari enzo to the chettah... also you will have to install the dwheels mod or whatever for most car mods too. i dont think its from the map mods cuz i've played with most of those on mta and they dont effect me at all.

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