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[WIP][GM] I Wanna be the Guy


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This is a free, public gamemode that I've been developing. I just noticed there isn't any platform-based gamemode, so I made this one by myself. It's still a BETA, but it works well.

Name Reason:

"I Wanna be the Guy" is a real platform game. It's considered one of the hardest 10 games in all the whole world, and I'm a fan of it. So I want to make a kind of MOD about that game. Here is the game if you didn't played it yet.

More about it:

  • This won't work like other gamemodes about map. This will have its own map, no way to create maps for it, like in Race or Stealth or others.
  • Don't expect too much yet. I have just started it some days ago, and it doesn't has too much scripting / mapping.
  • It has a 2D style! I think is the first time somebody do that ;)
  • Its dificult will be f*ckin' high. Only very PRO players will be able to pass it. Just watch the demo and you will see ;)

Overall Progress:

  • Introduction to the game (history-based) - 100%
  • Gameplay - 60%
  • Effects and Environment - 60%
  • Custom HUD - 40%
  • Levels and Map - 20%
  • Custom 3D Models and Textures - 0%
  • Others - 0%

Actual Progress: 39%

Demo Video:

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Look at I Wanna be the Guy intro. It's really a "copied" game! xD.

How we're gonna play in multi? Well, I'm thinking about activate some kind of "ghostmode" between players. And create a kind of "Relax Hall", that can be entered when a player ends a level. :mrgreen:

And the HUD... I can do it by myself, but may be cool if somebody helps me with some images. If you really want to help me, PM me ;)

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How big will the core of this mode be? If it's gonna be huge, you could use Google Code or something to let others commit patches too. Like this you will be able to stay the main creator of this gamemode, and others could help you finishing it.

Atleast me wants to see this mode completed. And I'm a sort of guy that when I'm bored, I want to script something else so I don't stay bored. Let us know :)

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Well, the main thing I need to end this project is to map more hard things. You should analize my "iwbtg_map", create more levels, see the scripts I made, or something kinda that ;)

That would help me a lot ^^

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