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Ase not Regestering My server???

Guest Mussen

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Ase isent registering my server. i am behind a router.

i forwarded my port (2003) and that +123 (2126) but still nothing

My server Log.

:?: -==-

MTA Server for MTA:VC 0.1

ServerName = '/KarmaStick\The Server ware bad karma pays off.'

ServerPort = 2003

Game = GTA:VC / MTA:VC (#2)

MaxPlayers = 12

SERVER: successfully started the server (port 2003)

SERVER: press 'q' or 'Q' to shutdown the server.

ADMINSERVER: successfully started the server (port 2004)

SERVER: ASE registration is enabled ... will attempt to register (if possible).


And it Ends There Shouldent it confirm registering the server?

I tested a number of possibilities and I think the breakdown is somewhere between my computer in a router. i am relatively sure i am setting up the server correctly and the server is trying to connect with the ase server (so says the consle) if anyone would help I would appreciate thank you.

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i have the same problem. i forwarded all three ports that the server seemed to be listening to (i typed netstat -aon and checked the PID in taskman). didnt work. ase says it doesnt support nat and stuff. maybe the problem is that the server wants to register on ase using the internal ip address instead of the public one.

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try forwarding to 2126 - 2130... that can help... it does register it onto ase. but since you are looking at it through yourself. it will show up under LAN games. so just wait a bit and people will join

lan games... there it is! finally!

still dont know where the 3rd port is for. 2003 is default server port. serverport+123 would be 2126 by default, that's for ase afaik.

but the server listens to another port which changes each second...

whatever, i know it works and others can see me, that's fine.

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