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GTA3 Restore.exe Link Broken

Guest DaVzIe.com

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Hi there, I have noticed when browsing through your downloads section that the file GTA3 Restore.exe is broken, Blokker uploaded it so if he wouldn't mind could he fix it and tell me when it is done because I really need the file, sorry if you already know about it and are fixing it.


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I really do hope that you are joking m8, would it mean I would have to uninstall and re-install my GTA3 for it to work again, I mean it has been crashing since I tried MTA annd can never really be bothered to get it to work, I will try again when I get my better computer but for now I would really appreciate it if anyone could send me it at davzie@davzie.com otherwise please please please try and get it back online, I would be so grateful! Thankz m8.

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Oh, I thought I could loose some settings, okay m8ey, thankz a lot for your help, btw, did u make the site interface and PHP, if so its very nice and I would like to know how u do it, I am having some trouble with my own PHP site, I can't figure out how to add tons of includes or to do soemthign else, I dunno. Thankz anyways

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