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Heres a slide show of my mappings I have worked on so far. This is a few of them....

The go Kart track in the slide show is no more :( for some reason it would kill the vehicles health to 0 in parts of the track even thoe they were perfectly level.....

So i stared to work on a new Outdoor go kart track located near on an island south of Los Santos stadium.

http://img826.imageshack.us/slideshow/w ... 043747.png

Comments please :)

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Nice maps dude, I was in game, seeing these maps, something special, nice for RP, and other stuff of course.

More i like interiors, that one were need drive with karts, was there inside too. Just awesome, hope you

will keep on it, and show more, about this, and other. Good luck guys. ;)

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