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Where the hell do you get the jet fighters?


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Just wanted to ask one quick question.

Where do u find the jet fighters in gta3? I've seen them in the pics on this site but I can't find them. A friend told me it was at a Ghost Town Army Base. Is this true? And will they fit in your garage in Shoreside Vale?

btw keep up the good work on MTA!

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lol - where do i start.

The jets are part of the "real gta" mod. im sure there is a url for the somewhere.

"The ghost town" is just the city where they did the opening sequence, you can fly there but you cant land in it!

ghost town army base? - ...... no comment! :roll::twisted::D

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There are plenty of tutorials out there drdre, just look for them using a search engine or something. You can find them easy as pie.

I've flown for 29 seconds, but could've flown longer if I wanted to and also even moreso if I had a faster/better video card. :)

(Hint: It has something to do with the 9 & 6 on the keypad! That makes the dodo go up/down :) --- unless u have changed the controls like me :) )

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I know about ghost town btw. I was just asking where the jets were but I still need an answer to that question. This time it's a url Im looking for, not where to get them.

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