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i was playing mta and i was think hey you know what i bet this will spawn a bunch of rpg servers and i'd be the first to admit i dont really like rpg servers in some games but i think in mta it'd be quite fun accaully what with being able to go in some buildings and all...so i was just wonder,

if an rpg server was up would you play or would you start an rpg or just what are your feelings on if some rpg servers started up...and so on...

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i defenitly would. There are endless possibilities. Robbing banks, somehow working legitimetaly. That would be great, ive actually hear rumors of rockstar making a GTA 3rd person rpg. I guess they would have to do it when there contract with sony is over. Im guessing it would be sorta like planet side where gangs take territory but they could also give something for those legitement pussies to do. Like a taxi service or police. Now police would be a hell of a lot of fun. Shooting them is more fun but a GTA rpg would own all games.

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gta rpg would suck because the ammount of people the servers would have to hold would have to charge you a monthly fee like all the normal online rpgs such ass ff11, star wars galaxies and phantasy star online.

I say just keep it deathmatch related games but i suppose if there were lots of different servers with lets say 50 people in a community on each then that would be cool to play

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well it wouldn't cost money it's just an rpg server like you start a stor or whatever i dunno i dont play them that much like i play a game called the specailist and peopel start rpg servers with story and they kick you out if you dont like pick a role and play but ts isn't an rpg game in anyway so it's kinda cool thou sometimes...but i can definitally see alot of rpg servers starting up for gta

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