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Whats up. I'm new to this and know nothing about computers. I mean nothing. I'm strictly about console games. But this site and things that i've heard about what some of the people have accomplished. Sounds very intriguing.

I'm a huge GTA fan. And really would like to give this a try. Please don't flame me :cry:. Cause like i said i know nothing about computers or computer games. I don't own any and i don't really play them. So if anyone could find it in their heart to just explain the basic steps on how to get online with this. I would be very greatful. Thanks.

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1 Buy GTA(:VC) for PC

2 install it

3 download the right version of MTA (depending on what GTA you have)

4 download and install All Seeing Eye (ASE)

5 configure ASE (complete tutorial elsewhere on this forum, look around)



1 use ASE to find a server

2 connect to server (doubleclick on server name in ASE)

3 run GTA (just plain GTA like you would do to start offline game)

4 take "New Game"

5 you're in

6 Have Fun

hope i helped you out

hope i didn't made mistakes

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