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I'm new here. I have a problem with my MTA San Andreas. When I run it I received this:


I have a Windows 7 Home Premium. Computer very good (6GB ram, intel core i7, etc...) I have no idea what to do. Please help.


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i never seen such thing. my cousing had something like that when his Windows was infected with virus (antivirus failed to remove that) and the only thing he could do was to reinstall Windows. try to test your system with SEVERAL antiviruses (dont stick to one - there isnt a perfect antivirus detecting all viruses), also try spybot - search and destroy.

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varez Do not uninstall Kaspersky because I have a license for two years and I will not uninstall it in favor of a weaker anti-virus program.

ccw Still the same error pops up after installing this patch. Does this mean that they never play in the MTA?

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  • MTA Team

How far does the game get before showing the error?

Does it show the MTA 'Stop playing with yourself' box?

Does it show the 'Grand Theft Auto San Andreas' loading screen?

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P.S Sorry for my English but I am a Pole and I use to write google translate

ccw When I press the icon "Run MTA" I get an error tan

varez I can not uninstall Kaspersky as it is for the password (parental control): /

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Conrado - If you can't uninstall it - I think you cannot disable it too - and I told you to disable it in my 1st post. You probably didn't do that - and lied when saying "still did not work" :/ So there is still a chance that some magic feature of Kaspersky is actually blocking MTA - and we cannot help you with that then. Ask your parents or whoever knows the password to temporary disable/remove it. If still not working - ask for uninstalling and checking system with another AV.

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