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The Biggest Problem = Servers?

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Ok, now I'm by no means an expert, but it seems to me the biggest problems (apart from no walking animations) are caused by the fact that a true multiplayer gaming server doesn't seem to exist. Now, bear with me as I explain it as I understand the concept, and correct me if I'm horribly wrong and should be shot.

In a game, such as Half-Life, does the server not keep track of absolutely everything? Your health, your weapons, your ammo, your position on the map, the direction you face. . . everything! In this way everyone gets the exact same data sent to them because there is only one copy for all, which exists on the server, so no inconsistant information exists among players.An example of this would be that you shoot a player in the head; he dies. BUT, on that players computers, the data they receive says the bullet didn't hit them and they are alive. Is this not the problem that MTA:VC seems to have most of all? I know lowering the lag would decrease these happenings, but wouldn't designing a central server as most multiplayer games have solve the problems much more precisely?

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The only 'central' half-life servers are the authentication servers, and they have nothing to do with the game itself. If you were to keep track of everything the game would be slow and most likely lag more. The issues are being fixed in v0.2, until then we can just live with 0.1 and hope that it gets a little better.

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The system we use is similar, the problem is we do not send what happens to another player bet what you do, son on your PC you shoot, that is send to the other, now due to an unknown reason the bullets go a bit to the side because of this and therefore miss, if you practice a lot, you learn to compensate for this.

The problem here is that GTA was never designed for multiplayer so we can not send the impact on the other person, only the bullets

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No! I am not suggesting to use their services! I wanted to show them how their netcode implementation could help the MTA by reducing traffic and providing scalablity, instead of their current model. Their method allows a 144 person server to only generate 13Kbps of upload relaying client messages. This all on a 500mhz machine. Surely MTA doesn't really qualify as an MMO, but their methodology in traffic generation and control really keeps it down.

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Guys this is all on paper. Did you notice you cant log into thier cirtual world? Cause it doesnt exist.

Ever hear the old saying, if its too good to be true, it probley is.. Well explain to my why Sony hasent adopted this for any of the EVerquest Series? At $20,000 for 10,000 players, i'm almost sure they would be interested. And I know for a fact Everquest has changed thier netcode more then once.

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