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I wanted to help on getting offline copies, but since my UP speed isn't as fast as usual, meh ..

Btw, could it be possible for you to upload them @ mediafire, dropbox (or any file hosting that allow us to use download enhancer, such as IDM)?

That would be really helpfull, since we can download the copies faster than usual.

I believe zippyshare doesn't allow unregistered user to continue download (so download enhancer is useless, and boom, slower download).

But, thanks for the latest copy.

Regards, ...

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Since there wasn't any update for the last two versions, could someone just point out a siteripper or anything to make copies ourselves? thx

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You could try these:

Kudos :)

Checking 'em out now.

EDIT okay, tried it a few times, checked a tutorial, but all I can get is the darn frontpage, which is no help. :E

The error log states that there was a redirection and it will download it later. Do I need some kinda JS code?

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Also you can try HTTrack

* with HTTrack you can also update downloaded website files *

i'm still downloading a copy of mtasa wiki , it took 1 day and 3 hours and 57 minutes ( started it since yesterday )

its size is about 1.42 GiB

i will upload it and link it here once it's finished =)

Update :

its final * not compressed * size is 1.97 GB ( i doubt that it's not completed yet ) and compressed size is 682 MB

How to open wiki :

go to mta directory * folder * and open index.html file.

Download :

Size : 682 MB

MTASA Wiki.rar

Edit :

Please note that dropbox has bandwidth limit of 10 gb per day so if the url did not work with you just wait another day or 3 days and it will work fine

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I highly advise against continuing to use Dropbox for high-traffic large files. I had my public links suspended for excessive bandwidth usage three times and now my public links are permanently suspended. Google Drive doesn't appear to have any bandwidth limitations, so use that instead if you can.

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Someone should update the Wiki to work with the new functions released in 1.3.5.

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Its been awhile... a very long while since my last update. It took my tool about 6 hours to get everything done! Check first page for update.

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Online mirror created as a media wiki site:

Most pages from categories like: functions, event's, updates, useful tips etc.. should be found there.

Edited by Guest

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MTA 1.4 wiki offline - Download

I get a bunch of errors when trying to open the index.html or when uncompressing it.................

PC Freezes... meh. Can you upload a working one?

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Hello everyone, here is an offline backup I generated on August-27-2015. This is my first time using the httrack software let alone mirroring a website so take this into consideration if you find any problems with my backup, although you shouldn't. Just in case you do however, please feel free to let me know.

MTA Vesion at time of backup: 1.5

Download:!2xtynbqY!HcuW4XmZDVer ... oTWsxzP2IA

Compressed: 214 MB

Uncompressed: 491 MB

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Running a `wget -m` download right now, not sure how it will turn out. If it works I'll upload it.

Couldn't the server do this automatically? The Löve 2d wiki has auto generated offline copies and it's not a huge site.

Update: the download is not done yet, but no links on the main page are working, so it probably failed to properly copy the site's structure. The files are there but not accessible through links.

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