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List is newest to oldest backup dates:

Hello guys, I'm new! This is the wiki updated on: May-11-2014 (Italy: May-11-2014 | 01:48am)

Software used:

Download:!YFJTwahY!pdbZBqGAe ... cU6ZGd37Zo

May 10th 2014 150MB

To use this make a shortcut to Main_Page.htm could also drag Main_Page.htm into your Internet browser as a shortcut.

I've just made a copy of mtawiki :) .

Download link: - 16/4/2014

Postby Sora on 7:39 am Fri Jan 10, 2014

* this is the same copy as above *

Here's google drive link : ... sp=sharing

Mega link :!BdQk0DZD!7eoqzQuKY ... ppkJUcwdf4

btw forgot to say that this copy contains all languages in the wiki

This is a list of offline copies and online mirrors of the Wiki.

Why do we need these?

1. Incase the main site is down

2. It is instantaneous browsing. Its great for scripting faster.

Offline/online copy can be an online/offline HTML site, working wiki site, CHM file (Microsoft Compressed HTML Help File), EXE file, WikiTaxi archive or something else, which works and looks like original wiki site. There is currently no online mirror wiki. Feel free to contribute and keep things up-to-date.

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what you want to search for? wiki is very simple and i always know where and what stored there

may be CHM with index and search may help, but here it's not present now. After next copy of wiki i will make CHM with search and without javascript errors.

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html copy will always be faster than generated from script. missing search feature is a big pain..

Also, not being up to date :)

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html copy will always be faster than generated from script. missing search feature is a big pain..

Also, not being up to date :)

if we'll have at list 2 weeks old HTML copy, it's not so bad (: wiki changes not so often like forum

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full text based search engine, which scans dir, opens every file and trying to find something?

yes it is

any guest can make an attack to search script, just make some protection (and cache based search if you want)

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What did you use to do this offline backup in the 1st post? I used something called Teleport Pro.

I have made a 54.7mb full backup rar today. Feel free to mirror on your first post.

Offline Explorer, good thing with many features, but there are few mistakes in the downloaded site (missed pages, JS errors, useless files).

Now I'm trying to find another program, which will download without these errors. Already tested more than 10 programs. All of them downloads with errors, But best thing of them for now it's WinWSD WebSite Downloader (freeware). It missed just few pages and replaced them with redirect pages. Trying next program..

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hmmm... well for my local hard drive I don't have to worry about absolute efficiency. :P

Teleport Pro was very simple, asked you how many page links in you wanted to go. Probably just as ineffective as everything else you've tried though. It looks a bit dated. It is shareware though...

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