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look at me i'm a seal!

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ok first of sorry this isn't about mta it's just about vice city...

anyway so i was walking around vice city for some reason and i went in an empty pool and i saw a beach ball so i went over to it and i notice i could kick it so i did and it went out and up so i decided to run uder it and bounce it on my head...little did i know that it was keeping score for some reason, each time it hit my head a red number would come up and to prove it



copy and paste the url if it doesn't show up

*note i tryed my best taking the shot so bare with it

also if the picture quality sucks let me know and i'll improve it

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just amazing.. a screen of you with a ball in VC...

well i mean yeah there's nothing great but i was head butting it and it was keeping score...and it's in the stats if you look in there i thought that was pretty neat but go ahead and flame me if you want i dont care...jerks

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