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How do i get rid of my guy spinning ................

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ok lets say u go into a game and u start walking u walk fine and so on but once i stand still it goes into first person and it just goes in circles like clock wise or something

also when i go into a car it dont spin i drive perfectly fine but then once again if i get out and try to stand in a spot to shoot someone i cant bc im spinning nothing is stuck in my mouse at all

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a while i ago i had that problem as well.. it was even doing it in my car, steering to the right (or left, i dunno anymore)

anyways, how to fix it.. you have to manually do push it to the left again, it's very weird, as if it's something mecanical :P

just go ingame, take a walk along the streets and keep pressing left (or right, depends on the way he's turning) at all time, until he starts to spin less and less and stops spinning

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LOL your the man spammer funny as ****

anyway to the problem at hand i had the same problem with the player just spinning around and i found it was the analog on my pad was slightly out nothing you can do really accept play quake style keyboard and mouse its loads better

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