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ReWriteing Trainers.

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Ok me and a Few Freinds are ReWriteing Trainers so they dont work on MTA. so Some Prase there.

We allready Cheat Guarded


(its Three Trainers in one)

Cars, you , and Weapons Damage.


(Infinite ammo, armor, Health)

Basic +9 Trainer

(Full Ammo, Armor, Health. Weapons cheats, And Spawn Sab Turbo)

Most of these Trainers got onto my computer cus my Brother gets on it with out my Permission and when he leaves his Stupid hacks on the computer i get blammed for it. iv changed the PW. Reloaded VC. (Cus i installed a Harrier Mod) With i kinna dident wanna uninstall but i gotta.

Edit: Added 1 new Un-Hacked Trainer.

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Hmm, nice in theory. What a shame i just had to ban a WidowMaker from official server #2, one who knew who i was, and who turned to trainer use in frustration after repeatedly failing to succesfully attack the mansion that VCK had decided to 'claim'. Health top-ups, No death, infinate ammo, followed by infinate health.

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I thought i Cleared this up. it was a Mix up. an Accident.

Also that Looking like Im Dead but im not is a bug. happens all the time with me even though the Sprought there weapons. you still have to pop a Few shots in them. :wink:

Id also like to add. that I Can't Safe Guard 1.1 Trainers since i dont have Ver 1.1

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Well, you posted this 'anti-trainer' stuff about 4 minutes after i banned you. You where very abusive and dismissive on the server beforehand. Trainers have to run before vice city to be active, also each cheat has to be activated by a specific hotkey, you are suggesting you 'accidentally' triggered at least 2 cheats whilst performing that one attack? i admin the majority of the official servers, i know what i am doing, nobody is banned for cheating unlesss i am SURE they in fact are. you where. I use a modified client to determine this. So unless you changed your password and reinstalled in that 4 minutes, i find it very hard to believe this was an 'accident', far more likely that realising you where caught red handed you had better post some plausable excuse on here quick.

There is NO excuse for using a trainer on a public server, the Official servers even more so.

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2 Trainers id allready Finished, Long time ago,

Yes They all Use Hotkeys.

If you modded it so you can See Cheaters.. Why not Give it to the public? or unless its .2 . Pizza Box wasent hard to crack open. Neather was Basic +9 Cus they are just basic Trainers.

but Mega Trainers like the ULTIma Trainer. that was hard. and a bitch to Reconfigure. In Enters my Freind who helps me get the job done.

and yes unfornally i have to test that they dont work. Stupidly i dident know that the Pizzabox was still on from my Last test. Also my Brother got on and Told me "dude i loaded some Hack for the Mac. it makes it ua ammo." so i replyed "WTF? im trying not to cheat." so i kicked him off. unloaded the hack. So this is where you guys come in.

I enter your server. stil unaware that Pizzabox trainer is still on and Changes Not set in. also i wasent paying attention to my health and ammo. cus i was just Driveing around and smacking people around. So after a Few mins you get in. I get this Plan to Storm your manson with PCJs. M-16s and Body armor.. too bad i dident notice that Half of the Freaking Players where there. My PJC was Blown by you i think Bump. so i Ran into your Side pool then Sunny ran up so i though id Bolt and use my auto Shotgun. I was takeing shots from m 60s. But most of them where misses cus i was danceing around. as you said it i Died. I was in my Dead state but i was still moveing. thats when i saw that Pizzabox was still on. and the Changes i made not Set. SO I Admit that i was Useing Cheats on an Unknown basis. since i dident know about it until the last sec. And im Sorry that it Caused any Inconvenince. Even though you guys Where haveing a Real H00T.

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ah i see.

So in the end this was just an accident. No cheats where purpisely used to tick off anyone. and it finally adds some praise to people who want to play in peace. Im still a little worryed about people who make there own hacks and 1.1 trainers. thats the only thing i can't Safe Guard.

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