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working on 0,2 MTA


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  • 1 month later...

no no thanks to all the fans... without you we'd get bored of trying to make this damn mod :-P

seriously though, this shit is for you... and its the thx we get that motivates us to keep working....

(the mod is much too much work if we were just doing this for ourselves)


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Just so you know, i say BIG BIG THANKS too. i have so much damn fun on this mod... my friends didnt understand untill i forced them to play.

thats just odd. i mean imagine you had never heard of mta and someone said the words "online. multiplayer. vice city." i would shit myself. thats how i found mta, but that wasnt an option on that poll that was recently put up. i guess what im trying to say here, is thanks for creating the most addicting and entertaining game since "doctor".


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no kiddint, thanx a lot

im sitting through programming class right now, AND IT SUCKS lol... but seriously i can see how much time it must take u to do this, adn how much fun i have had with it so thanx 8)

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