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Funny MTA Movie ^_^

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Hey all,

I just spend a few hours making the Gayest MTA Movier ever.. and with gay, i mean over the top cheery (just saying).

Don't judge it for the amazing stunts, it's all pretty crappy ;p. But it's meant to be that way and some people told me it's damned funny, so give it a go.

Special thanks for MrBump for hosting it ^^

Right click -> save as, here to download the movie (9mb)

And if you have a good connection and dont care about a few mb's more:

Right click -> save as, here to download the higher quality movie (17mb)

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yesss, hitting things or people with a bat is always nice ^^

actually im a bit surprised by the comments.. i recorded all movies except 2 in an hour, then the editing was another hour.. actually, i was trying to make a horrible movie on that music and it cracked me and my friends up ^^

the only serious part in it was the last jump, but i recorded that on a stunt session a long time ago, and i have better ones.. just needed something fitting for the end ;p

hey, but thanks for the compliments.... yet, if you try to make a horrible movie, and people like it, did i fail?..

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lol, the last trick was the only real stunt ;p

drop by in our channel and perhaps some of us can do something with those videos

oh, and actually, i was hitting people with that bat, but if you record replays in MTA, it doesnt show the other skins, so it looks like im batting the ground.

oh well, perhaps that looks better ;p

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