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hey guys!

when i saw that many new and old talented mappers sending their maps here i decided to make a new topic for mine as well.

well, i'm not as expert as the veterans (just like MSD :D) but i'm making maps for a while now.

if you wish to get some funky (and also funny) race maps to your or your clan's server, then you are welcomed here!

here is the first link to start with, you can find most of my maps there i made so far:

http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... .aspx/Maps

if you have any problems or suggestions with my maps just leave a message! ;)

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If you guys wish it won't be a big problem...

But in my opinion screenshots don't really needed at sa based maps only when it's custom.

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Anyway - if you want more ppl to download your stuff - it's better to attach some screenshots to text. Ppl like more watching images, than reading long text :wink: Just a little advice.

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Tested some of your latest maps. They're pretty good. Also I like that you're making maps that takes around two minutes to complete.

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Just a new race track out of my "factory".

Monaco: 2 laps long race with hotring racer on a funky track. About 2:20 - 2:40 mins long.

MonacoR: The reversed track with comet but only 1 lap long and no more than 1:20 - 1:30.


Links: Monaco: http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... Monaco.zip

MonacoR: http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... onacoR.zip

A screenshot attached below!

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New custom and stock maps!


Alpine raceway: 3 lap race with hotring racer. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... aceway.zip

Alpine raceway r: reversed with turismo 2 laps. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... eway_r.zip


difficult stuff: funky race with comet in SF midtown and suburb. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... _stuff.zip

the_lazy: 2 lap race with bullet in LS downtown. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... e_Lazy.zip

crazy_stuff: desert race with cheetah. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... _stuff.zip

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Great! You're making maps like mrselfdestruct! Keep going.

My advice's the same as varez said, screenshots / videos. You can just press F12 to take a screenshot, then look at the MTA SA's directory.

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Please do not download the metal and the metalr until it's not fixed! I noticed some bugs after release on it.

It will be properly fixed tomorrow! Thank you!

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as what varez said, posting screens/vids will attract much more people( including me :lol: )

because your map names/description doesnt impress me at all.

EDIT: sorry i didnt read posts very well, i'll wait for screens.

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I slap you with some mapppzzzz again!

3 new stock + 1 new custom as a bonus.

Ottawa: The custom, 2 laps with banshee. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... ottawa.zip

Floating_Islands2: Another switching fun in LS. Starting with Elegy then Phoenix and Banshee and finally Infernus in the Docks. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... ds%202.zip

Phat_Rally: Fast on/offroad race with Sultan, Countryside. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... _rally.zip

Bad_Banshee: Highspeed race with banshee around LS. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... anshee.zip

Have fun!

Screenshots (only from ottawa) :

http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.photos.live ... en0017.jpg

http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.photos.live ... en0018.jpg

http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.photos.live ... en0019.jpg

http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.photos.live ... en0022.jpg

http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.photos.live ... en0025.jpg

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