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replace col problem..


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i have a problem whit my .col it wont work the dff/txd work but col not :S

function col ()
col = engineLoadCOl ( "File/vgncarshade1.col" )
engineReplaceCOL ( col, 3458 )
addEventHandler ("onClientResourceStart", getRootElement(), col)

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he edited his post.. he just put few lines of code, without even putting it into

tags :/ and he should use [lua] tags.. and without single word as description..:/ whatever


theres a problem in mta/gta/whatever streamer.. collisions are reverted to default after sometime.. you have to refresh it some time (make a command for players to let them do it manually, set a timer, replace collisions on element stream-in, etc)..

you can find more info about it on forums - there was few topics like this one

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