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Is it just me.....


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...or are there too many damn cheaters out there messing up the game? It gets annoying after about 3 crashes, then everyone leaves the server. Or when your about to have a race, and some IDIOT with a chopper, whos also cheating is on the middle of the road, and follows you. Or when your chopper gets jacked somehow mid-air. Or when dumbasses spam the chat with multiple ???'s. Or when some dickhead spawn kills everyone. Other then that, keep up the good work. I cant wait till 0.2 :P

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er no that glitch is when a hunter shoots you down

like today me and my m8 were playing and i was in hunter i shot im down but because they aint synched i went to where his chopper spawned and i got in it and he died it's hilarious you gotta try it lol

but always remember it may be funny for you but it isnt funny for your victim (unless it's a fag cheater)

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That about jacking copters (and cars) r yes both lag and it isn't synched right... BUT one time I was playin and the game chrashed (surprise!) well I went back in but all the cars were at the spawn, I got in one and some1 said: "MY CAR WAS STOLEN" so a little demon was born :twisted: I got into all of the cars and they got jacked too, just a bug.. the server hadn't send me any info who were in what car just that they were movin, so if I entered a car I would send info to that server that I was in that car and the server would send all clients that I was in that car, and the person who was in it, got that msg too and got jacked :) BUT if ppl got out of the car, and then back in, they would send info to the server in what car they got in, and the server sends me that...

BTW IT WAS PASSWORD PROTECTED SERVER and I knew all of them don't start to think that I'm some bastard :shock:

Sry for my english btw...

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