Weapons as objects on MTA Map Editor

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I've seen the ingame weapons as objects on SA-MP, I've also seen websites with the object ids but yet when you search for them on MTA Map Editor you don't get anything. Apparently you can also get clothing as objects too.

How can you get the ingame weapons/clothes as objects on mta map editor?

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I recently added the weapon models to the object browser for future releases, if you can give me an accurate list of all model ids of the clothes I can add them too. to see them right now just unpack the zip file I attached in

\MTA San Andreas\server\mods\deathmatch\resources\editor_gui\client\browser\

and the weapons category should show up in the object browser

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Wow man. I can't thank you enough, someone who posts the exact think I was looking for. Now thats a rarity on the internet :o.

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