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some question

Guest timjohnson

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i got a few question and i will list them so they are easier to read.

1. do i need to buy vice city for the computer to ahve it multiplayer?

2. what all do i need from your GREAT website to play it multiplayer?

3. what else would i never from other site or your site to play on a server/

that is really all i need to know for now

(and if i need the game i would go buy it really fast cause this stuff is awesome looking)

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timjohnson? seams to me that you have inet, so why dont you check yourself how much it cost? why dont you go and check out the content of this "in your words" GREAT site! i bet you will find all you need to know about it. what i mean is, use your brain please! thats all thank you!

god bless you!

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