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Bullet distances

Guest Theriomorph

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Are there plans to make bullets go any further than they currently do? I think the difference between SP and MP is too big.

In SP if you can see something, you can shoot it, but in MP you can only shoot ~20m.

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there isn't much we can do about this right now.. We haven't looked into making them shoot farther, and as of know we aren't sure if thats possible...

But look at it this way. everybody has the same disadvantage/advantage... just gotta be more agressive :-P


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Its all down to picking the correct weapon for the job, a mac10 is no good for ranged attacks, use an m60 instead they have massive range as well as devestating damage per shot, or for more accuracy the m1/m4. Pistols, mac10/uzi and shotgun are really only suitable for close up killing. This is more 'realistic' than some kind of infinate shoot distance.

You'll be asking to throw the grenades further next hehe.

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I agree with Mr Bump and Seb I think it would be gay if you could shoot as far as you can see because then If you had your draw distance up you may be able to see people but they cant see you becasue they might have theirs lower.

Its good just the way it is

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Because of its range and power, it might be an option to use the M-60 as a sniper rifle for now, since we still can't use sniper rifles. Have an M-60 with 10 bullets? Anyways the M-60 is way too powerful for 'normal' use, so it will be used as either sniper (low ammow) or it will disssapear from the game, OR we could alter the damages done by weapons. Suggestions?

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