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LOL, the most Wirdo thing on MTA:VC

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Today i played mta and i saw the most wirdo thing in MTA (im talking the movie not the screenshot=) )

2 guys was in teh server and they tolded us that they were boats on the map but i didnt belive becouse i was to start a racing @ docks, then the other guy sayed too that he was on a boat... so i canceled the race and me goes check out if was true (i presume there no boats in MTA) so i saw the guys but not on a boat, he was in a car :lol:... i taked a clip of that:

Mini Clip 1.3mb

now here a screenshots of a car being a statue, it was there whitout moving, no explosions,i sended 4 nades didnt esploded, i tried to steal but nothing =)


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well targore i think he means the boat thing not actually the statue ;)

anyway the boat thing, i think theure were no cheating becouse they were noobs, they didnt know how to change nick, and they seyed "HEY THERES A BOAT" and a cheater (i think) woldnt say that :?

what program do you use to make video :?:

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tolded us that they were boats
i know noob personaly and on his side it was a boat he changed his cars into some boats and no trainers where used just different files cheating? yes does it cause any crashes? NO! i have played with him on a server for hours and not a single crash did testing with versions 1.0 and 1.1 only thing that i have found that causes crashes is adding in extra cars in different locations cause when you jack one it will steal it from whos ever driving it causing everyone to crash. hehe ever wonder how people jack you from mid air? now you know :P

:Edit: those cars stuck in the ground are usualy from people using trainers to teleport around and when they marked their z and get in a car the car gets stuck since their mark was done on foot

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