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IRC For Dummies

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PLEASE - do not reply to this thread unless you are submitting some help relating to IRC :!:

Could you please place your posts in here as well prontera =)

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*EDITED for new MIRC version*

Due to somewhat popular demand, I will write up (what seems to me to be their 4th or 5th time) a simple guide on how to get onto IRC, and more importantly, #mta on the new multitheftauto irc network (

First of all you will need an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) program like mIRC, available from .

Once you have uncompressed the program into its directory, you are ready to begin.

First of all make sure you are connected to the internet (it may seem simple i know)

OK, now you can open mIRC

Now hopefully on startup, a box will come up called mIRC options.

If not it can be accessed by going to [File] and then [select Server] or by simultaniously pressing the [Alt] and 'O' key.

OK, the menu will have a lot of fields, and options, but you won't need most of them.

To the left of the mIRC options box should be a large white field. At the top, above this field it will say categories. The category selected should be "Servers"

When clicked, to the right of the category field will be some options.

Click on the drop-down field underneath where it says IRC Server

Look for the one that says "multitheftauto"

If it is there (which it shouldn't be the first time), you have done the hard part and you can Scroll down to the line of asterisks.

If not, click on the [ADD] Button. A new box will come up called mIRC Add Server.

In the description field, type Multitheftauto, or anything that will remind you of it.

In the IRC Server field you need to input "" without the quotation marks

under ports, it should say "6667", if not, put that in. There are other ports which can be used, but that is not too important right now.

You can make a new group for MTA, but leaving it blank will do the same

The other fields do not need to be touched at this time.

press [ADD]. The 'mIRC Add Server' box will dissapear, and you will be back at the mIRC Options box.

Now underneath IRC Servers should be what you typed in the Description box.

Now for the other fields.

You can input your Full Name and email address in their respective fields if you want, or just put in a question mark, or something funny, we don't really mind =) There does however, need to be something input into those fields.

Now for Nickname field. Your nickname/handle/alias can be whatever you want it to be, the alternative is for another nickname you wish to use if your first chosen nickname is already taken.


Now you are ready to click the [Connect to IRC server button]

If all goes well, a whole lot of boring text comes up describing the MOTD (Message of the day) and server rules etc. I suggest you read them at least once. at the end of the MOTD you are ready to join an IRC channel.

towards the bottom of the screen is a field where you can type commands and chat. To join a channel, this the the one and only official Multi Theft Auto Channel type "/join #mta". The server should automatically forward you to this channel, but if not you can do that yourself

a window will open within mIRC and you have now successfully entered an IRC channel. Now behave yourself and have fun!

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RESOLVING AN IP ADDRESS OVER IRC aka - finding out the other player's IP so you can use GTA3:MTA

ok, then, if you want to organise a game of GTA3:MTA over irc, finding the other player's IP address, (What you need to connect to his server) is easy!

Just right-click on the person you are playing with, or your own handle and go to [information] --> [Resolve IP]

Another way to do this is to type /dns 'insert nickname here' without the commas.

and thats it! - simple eh?

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The new and improved basic command list! Everything you'll ever need to know!

To connect to a server (You must have the name):


/server -m (You can dual servers only with the 6.03 mIRC client)

To change your nick:

/nick nickhere

To join a channel:

/join #channel (Must have #)

To message someone or a channel (Must be in channel, if channel)

/msg nickhere/#channelhere msg

To open a query window with someone (When you get messaged, it opens a query window)

/query nickhere

To find someones ip (Results in status window)

/dns nickhere

To send someone a notice (Beeps if sounds are on):

/notice nickhere

To find someones ping, version, and time:

/ctcp nickhere ping

/ctcp nickhere version

/ctcp nickhere time

To send someone a file or start a special chat, type:

/dcc send nickhere ; (Will bring up a browse hd option)

/dcc chat nickhere

Some other info:

If you are trying to use variables/commands with $ in a sentence, you must do dual // (//msg $chan) and must have //msg or //say at the beginning for others to see it.


Don't worry about the above unless you are a coder/scripter, other then that, enjoy your IRC experience =)

The IRC Helpbot!

To use, simply type !help in the channel. Then check the bar where your channel/status is displayed. You should see a pm from [4D]Prontera. Open that window, and follow the instructions.

Current features:

-New Flood Protection (Should fix current problems with spamming)

-Howto connect to servers (Will be updated)

Upcoming features:

-Search engine to all known errors



Have a good ircing experience!

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I was wondering if you needed any help with the bot...cos if you do I know quite a bit, and what i dont know I can work out pretty quick for ya :P.

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PLEASE - do not reply to this thread unless you are submitting some help relating to IRC :!:

Did you read the first message of this topic?

won't delete ya post, but id say prontera has the script sorted =)

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Why IRC when you can MSN?

You can point your IRC client to and join #GTA3MTA

Or take a MUCH EASIER WAY of using the official MSN chat room, all you need is a MSN passport!

MSN Chatroom

To be fair, and you have like Mozilla, you dont need anything seperate to get on irc, just click here. This also works if you've got mIRC or something else installed that suports irc links.

If you want to use IRC, the HARD WAY, you can go to and download the latest mIRC (currently 6.03, the only thing they ever have is the latest). Then you can start it up and put in a Real Name and Email, dont use your real name but your real email is fine, and two nicknames (like IRCnewb1 and IRCnewb2). Then you can click OK and in the STATUS WINDOW, its the only window open on what looks like the windows taskbar, and type the following


Now after all the moving text stops, you can do this

/join #GTA3MTA

and you'll be chatting!

Just type in the box at the bottom, known as the textbox, to talk. It's pretty straightforward.

Also, heres an extra tip, if you want to change your name while you're connected, just type this (replacing NEWNAME with the name you want)


And there you go! :)

You should pin this!

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updated the FAQ for new irc server =)

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nameserver will be up soon, no point putting in both =)

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Thread moved cause it was probably the wrong place to put the thread, now that all these new ones have sprung up =P

Maybe this forum should be called the Forum/Server/IRC related forum instead =)

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Just download mirc from

run it, set options (name/email etc. do there whatever you want) and set server :

then press Connect.

You will auto join the help channel.

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hmm - the above is the "for experienced netizens who dont have irc yet" guide (almost a contradiction but still =P )

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what are some op commands like to change the topic and stuff

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/topic #channel

/mode #channel +b

+b = ban, +t = only ops change topic

to click just right click on their name go to control ->kick ->specify reason

read the chanserv help info for chanserv related commands.

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> Successfully joined #gta3mta on Monday at 2:10pm

> Total People:8 Ops:1 Voices:0

> Channel Modes: +mtnl 51

> Created on Saturday, April 12th, 2003 at 11:26pm

[2:10pm] hello

[2:10pm] ERROR > 404: Cannot send to channel: #gta3mta

[2:14pm] hello

[2:14pm] ERROR > 404: Cannot send to channel: #gta3mta

hmmm whats wrong am I in the wrong one or something

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sorry if you think this post is totally off topic here, but then, just delete it:

for everyone who speaks dutch here

(i know, should not be asking this)

a cooler version of mIRC can be found at

the software is in english, but the site is Dutch only

you should try it



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But how do mask your IP?

eg: mode +x in

I don't host a server, and have no need for my IP to be public :S

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