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I have a problem with my script.It doesn't work. :( The debugger shows : Bad argument @ xmlNodeSetValue, Bad argument @ xmlNodefindChild, Bad Argument @ xmlSaveFile and Bad argument @ xmlUnloadFile. Here is my script:

function changeSpawnpoint()
local root = xmlLoadFile ("spawnpoint.xml")
xmlFindChild ( root, "Spawn", 0 )
xmlNodeSetValue ( Spawn, "1")
xmlSaveFile ( root )
xmlUnloadFile ( root )
addCommandHandler ( "x", changeSpawnpoint)

and my xml:


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1. xmlLoadFile seems not to be able to open the file.

2. You don't save the node returning from xmlFindChild.

3. The variable 'Spawn' is empty, reason is above.

Check the name of the file, you're trying to open. Is it correct? Is it really in the resource root folder.

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