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MTASA freezes when playing custom map in map editor

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Hey guys

I have this weird problem with only 1 of my maps. Its a pretty huge map with a forest section and a city section. The only part that freezes is when im moving around, looking within the city. It typically happens when im in the forest section, and then move into the city when the new objects are loading; resulting in lag, and then most of the time, then freezing.

Could this be an issue with too many objects? No objects are missing or go invisible...I deleted a few to make sure. Maybe its an item clash? Or too many of one item? Or maybe its a streaming issue as its only when the map transitions from the forest to the city (which has alot of objects, maybe too much to handle?)

My PC is 4gb ram, win 7 x64, dual core processor, 1gb gfx nvidia gfx i dont think its my specs.

here are some pics of the city

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