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I have a problem with my script. When i start it i doesn't see the GUI. Here is my script:

GUIEditor_Window = {}
GUIEditor_Button = {}
GUIEditor_Label = {}
GUI_Window = guiCreateWindow(639,241,411,550,"Title",true)
GUI_Button1 = guiCreateButton(97,389,217,30,"Button1",false,GUIEditor_Window[1])
GUI_Label1 = guiCreateLabel(65,345,278,19,"Label1",false,GUIEditor_Window[1])
GUI_Button2 = guiCreateButton(97,431,217,30,"Button2",false,GUIEditor_Window[1])
GUI_Button3 = guiCreateButton(97,474,217,30,"Button3",false,GUIEditor_Window[1])

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That's kinda logical. It's not like SAMP, where server shows client gui :P It has to be a client side script, not server side. Wiki states aswell that gui functions are clientside not serverside.

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