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Two-way jumptruck for stunters - The Front 'n' Back Packer


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youve made the jump steeper, the one thing i was looking for =)

just a reminder people, this wont work unles everyone on the server has the mod installed, even then it may not work, enjoy =)

Glad you like it, the jump angle was pretty much random. :)

Coming soon, the Cheetah SWE (Special Wedge Edition) :


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its not anywher on the vcmm server?

Sorry, my mistake. :oops:

Someone had said they would put it up for me, but they obviously haven't yet. I'll do it tomorrow, it's too late to be writing scripts now, my eyes would go :shock: .

EDIT : (To avoid triple posting :) )

There's quick install instructions included.

If we use it for Multiplicity, I'll make a better version first. :wink:

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just wondering, have tou sent a bike up it to test? - it seems that the ramps are off the ground, can a bike jump it without having to wheelie?

How dare you question my testing procedures! :wink:

It works fine with a bike, the appearance model doesn't exactly match the collision model, so although it might not look like it, the ramps go right down to the ground as far as the game physics is concerned. :D

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