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Flying Player platform - Shoot from the sky!

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uhm... i thought he said that it would go right if u go up and down.. but it goes wrong when u go forwards or backwords...

when the chopper moves forward containing a vehicle there is not friction, the chopper moves forwards and the othervehicle does not, when the collicon of the back of the container hits the vehicle the chopper cant move.

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LOL I think that unless you found a way to increase the max of transporting people. That big thing is quite useless, you probably DID find a way then I guess. Dunno much about it anyway... What would be cool too is instead of the platform, just try the transport feature on the VCPD helicopter that transports swats (drops them by ropes, would be way cooler if you could do it like that, or put the helicopter to the ground... :shock: The ropes would be quite long, yet not toooo long so you can't like, slide down from the highest altitude the helicopter can get, cuz that would be unrealistic)

But, you should also get a new skin, or also adjust the model, to also have a commercial version... AND a millitary version. Hell, maybe even a medic chopper to transport people when they are wounded. (would be cool to just repair the health of people... Like a health heart icon, only you can transport people with it)

To show what I'm talking about:


The doors are OPEN and ready to drop swats! :)

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thats cool...how many ppl would that hold ? 8)

Sorry if I confused some of you, I didn't mean I created that helicopter for multiplayer... It's just the helicopter from GTA VC when the police chases you... But I would like to see this as transports for MTA VC... And by the looks of the seats I'd say there's room for 10 if you include the pilot seats...

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