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I know capture the flag has been mentioned in a few threads suggesting new game ideas.. I'm just wondering if you were playing CTF in Vice City what would you use as the "flag"??

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like in Timesplitters 2 ! capture the bag! it's preety good too because probably you are a gangster with a money/drugs bag and then steal the other teams bag!

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we could either have a car at each end or one in the middle, or a car in the middle for a all-on-all situation.

The question is, would the vehicle in question be invincilbe

if its not a vehicle a suitcase, donkey porn/cundy suxxx fliers could be used =)

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Use the guy on rollerscates u see near the beach area

Capture The Fag

hahaha would you really want him riding passenger on yr PCJ though?

I'm more in favour of the one flag that two teams are after as its more fast paced...with two flags it can turn into a Quake style CTF where both teams are either reluctant to move from defensive positions or both go flat out attacking and it just becomes a blind race to hit the target score. With 1 flag teams have to work together a bit more, blocking the person with the flag (or fag, depending whose idea is taken :wink: ), protecting their own team mates and such.

If a static flag is used (rather than vehicle or something) then the suitcase probably would be the most noticable item I guess.

Jus my pennys worth :)

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uhhhh but what happens when it blows up? a draw? people would be cautious in attacking making it easier to get away. I think it should be an invincible scooter so you can ram the person off of it.

I would say when it blows up it spawns back at it's original position.

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