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Alt Tabbing when VC crashes......again?!

Guest RedRob

How do you exit VC after it crashes?  

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  1. 1. How do you exit VC after it crashes?

    • Alt + Tab (although advised not to)
    • Multiple hitting of the "enter" key
    • Multiple hitting of the "escape" key
    • Pressing Alt + Control + Delete
    • Other, please specify in your reply

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Like with everyone (i think), gta vc crashes a lot. This doesn't really bother me, but my problem is, that about one in four times i am not able to alt tab back in to windows, and am eventually forced to push the reset button on my pc.

Isn't there a program that automaticly "catches" a freezing program, and then closes it for you?

I vaguely remember i had a program like that. Microsoft Office XP has a program that does this when Word crashes for example.

I hope someone recognizes this problem and maybe even has a solution!


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I run windows 2000 pro, usually it drops to desktop and i get to click 'ok' on the UE error, then have to click cancel quickly on the 'windows is debugging' (DR Watson) thing, occasionally though that damn thing starts up before i am back at desktop and i have to wait for it to finish (2 or 3 minutes) before i can continue or restart, perhaps somethig like this is happening to you, although im not sure if the Dr Watson debugger is also in windowsXP as i detested that OS so much i went straight back to windows2000.

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I tried it with hitting escape a few times. Yesterday this worked for me, and now it doesn't (???)

I'll try hitting enter the time.

Isn't there a way this problem could be handled with by MTA? eg. MTA closes GTA VC automaticaly if there is an anhandled exception?

Any more ideas?

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Like with everyone (i think), gta vc crashes a lot.

Myself and two friends were playing on my server, we didn't crash once.

Unless we did something that wasn't synchronised. Like shooting from the hunter, drive by shooting, or if someone used a trainer just to test it.

Else it's solid.... unsupported features should be disabled, somehow :S and trainers banned.

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yo wat up stanto, dis evO remember we raced and i popped out yo tires :lol:


And I'm still certain that the crashing's caused by using/doing things which aren't synched yet.

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I see more people have the same problem, namely recovering after a crash. As it is know to everybody that crashing with this game is all part of the game and everybody encounters it at one time or another whilst playing summerizeing the sugestions given so far:

1. Don't user Alt + Tab

2. Hit escape a few times

3. Hit enter a few times

4. Use Alt + Control +Delete

what works best for you guys, or is there anybody who has better idea's.

And still I think it would be cool if the MTA console itself deals with this problem (like auto close on crash) This must be possible, bearing in mind the other much more sophistecated program alterations you guys made. If it's a time question, that's logical. But for me it seems like an easy way to make playing this sometimes buggy beta more enjoyable to play.


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