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Perhaps this was already asked for, but I think that it would be a great addition to MTA, if the interface would be multilingual.

This does NOT have to include things regarding scripting, but rather the interface, a normal MTA player uses.

I don't think that it would be too hard to achieve this and it would add a lot of value to MTA.

Translators should be easily found, since this forum seems to be full of different nationalities.

Just an idea, which I had in mind several weeks now.

Madd :)

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Yes I agree.

Some times ago I've worked on this feature but I lost all my work so... yeah, may I will try again. I remember I was stuck to adding language files in the installer and how to set the default language from the installer itself, rather than installing in english and then selecting manually the language in MTA.

Then a lua function such as getPlayerLanguage( player ) will be useful, so people can start making multilingual resources easily.

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In my point of view, i think we should keep MTA english only.

Any base of informations is hard to maintain in multiple languages, look at the wiki index page, there are 5 languages for the wiki index page, and a lot are already outdated. (this is just an example).

Having the MTA gui in multiple languages wouldn't bring a lot as the scripters would still have to translate everything in their script and handle different languages.

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I'd keep it English-only as well. Several reasons for this:

  • The main menu is nothing more than a few clicks. It costs a lot more effort to implement multilingualism than it might solve
  • People playing an international game should, in my opinion, speak an international language. (unless they're on a server with a specific language) It's very annoying if you're having a friendly conversation, and someone suddenly comes in and yells a language you can't understand right through your conversation. Multilingual MTA would encourage this behaviour
  • People got to the English website, got to the English installer, got through the English installer and they're playing MTA. If they can get so far, they can really guess what the main menu does
  • The translating hassle as Dr4x mentioned

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