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Game Mode - Gangwars

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Hey MTA Universe!

Sup! I have a suggestion of a game mode that I don't know if MTA already has.

Like the title says, I suggest that MTA to have the Game Mode of Gangwars were different gangs fight with each other for territories, bitches, money and more! (Territories is the real reason, the others are just for joke :P )

The gangs could be:

- Groove Street Families

- Ballas

- Los Aztecas

- Los Santos Vagos

- Triads

- San Fierro Gangsters (the ones that look like Los Aztecas)

- Woozie┬┤s guys

- And more u could recommend

So what do u say?

Yes, no and why.

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No offense to the coder, but I think CDM sucks, and I don't think a new gamemode should be based on an existing one, personally. If you have the skills, a brand new mode will give you more flexibility. If you don't, then why the hell are you trying to code a gamemode. ;)

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