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Hi guys.

So here it goes, I have an improved GTA SA (some changed models, particles, and HUD) and I use a stream fix.

The problem is that I kept getting problems with streaming after playing a while in a large server, like The Matrix, or Valhalla, well I get streaming problems (like textures failed to load) after around 10 minutes of play. But if I play this on a freeroam server or GTA SA, I didn't get streaming problems at all, was it the scripts causing this, or maybe my crappy PC? or maybe MTA SA doesn't support stream fixes? Well if I play on SA-MP (even without a stream fix), no streaming problems happened during that time. :(

Well the stream fix that I use: http://alexander.sannybuilder.com/?cate ... memory_fix

It's a SA Stream memory Fix.

Thanks. :)

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