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5 Servers from Delux-Host.com

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I dont think he is from delux host, he is problably just creating the post to create problems and confusions also to take down the image from that host company with this stupid ofter.

He would for sure use the name [M]Delux ( wich is also another point in my theory )

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This company is complicated overall, there was some finnish guy that is like the second in charge but only hosts the finnish servers, then this guy and then delux. It's kind of confusing but yea, probably your right djlobo.

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Hello Delux-Host.com ,

I'm [Ne]Exodus from the MTA - Clan NeoN .

We've got 4 Servers ( 1 DD/DM , 1 Stealth , 1 RPG and 1 Freeroam ).

And now we want to turn on a Server , with Race Only.

It would be nice to get one of these 3 available Server.

Would be nice to hear from you,


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Mahaz, thanks for Feedback =).


[Ne]Exodus send me your Full Name and your Mail Adress per PM.

Thanks =)

Ok , send!

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My clan is LolClanners. We play on many servers like Mini-Missions, and others. We are a good clan. We have big ideas for a server thats Roleplay. It is really good. We have scripts already. We already have taxi stuff and everything. It would be nice to have a server for it. We have about 25 gang members. I go by PrinceOfHell. Msn:dcr_hawk@hotmail.com.

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