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[WIP][GM] Ava World Project (PREVIEW)


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Hi, some time i started work on a new gamemode "Ava World". I realize this project since the beginning of May. Gamemode is based on the movie "Avatar". Everything happening in the forest map we called "PANDORA". Everything lies in the fact that there are two teams: NA'VI - the team having supernatural abilities and a team of people - the army. They try to kill navi race. The project will be finished somewhere near the end of the year, is very much work and not enough of us so please wait. Previously, you should have a server with this project but for now finish the map, we made a few scripts. Maybe something I forgot to add, that I remember. Regards. If you have any comments please write. My English is not the best, just so I teach him how sorry you did not understand.

-any time as i will notify you of the progress-

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Hoho, Avatar rocks!

Now to take it to MTA SA? Wow that will be great!

Hope that will be a success!

But don't forget to put download link, with mirrors or something, so other people can download faster.

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Course will be skins if you want to invite someone to do a few skins. Examine them as soon as possible.


I think that would be cool to play in the modification of ENB SERIES

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Of course, everything is very difficult to do but I will not surrender. I'll do it for the end of the year promises photos will appear soon. The first gameplay a little bit later.

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Sorry for double post, but i have a picture for you first attempt to face. And here it is already in the game;


It does not look perfect today because he is a neuter player Behemoth, we got this in an email. But I threw it here for reasons such order to show you that from day to day work.


face is weak but it was done on a weak computer, so we wrote why we appreciate the work.

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  • 1 month later...

how in the hell are you going to recreate that world? ¬_¬

what are your resources for the map?(not mta resources, where do you get inspiration from...)

just by the movie?

gl also with skins and stuff, i'll slap my head(twice LOLOL) if this project is ever going to be finished :/

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