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Hi guys!

I have another question, I got confused on getting correct place with guiGetScreenSize. I want to do this to fit my HUD on the proper place on every resolutions.

After this is solved, I will upload this resource to the community, codenamed: alternate_hud

For now I wanna learn about guiGetScreenSize. Can you give me a specific tutorial? Because I don't understand it at all.


-- All the Direct X Drawings (plus health & armor)
function DXdraw()
local x1,y1 = guiGetScreenSize()
	health = getElementHealth( getLocalPlayer() )
	lineLength1 = 114 * ( health / 100 ) -- Health bar
	armor = getPedArmor( getLocalPlayer() )
	lineLength2 = 114 * ( armor / 100 ) -- Armor bar
	ammoinclip = getPedAmmoInClip (getLocalPlayer())
	totalammo = getPedTotalAmmo (getLocalPlayer())
dxDrawText("",646.0,731.0,694.0,766.0,tocolor(0,255,255,175),1.0,"bankgothic","right","top",false,false,false) --Ammo (for shotgun, grenades, etc)
dxDrawText(tostring (showammo2),684.0,731.0,732.0,766.0,tocolor(0,255,255,175),1.0,"bankgothic","left","top",false,false,false) --Total Ammo
dxDrawText("|",665.0,731.0,677.0,762.0,tocolor(255,200,0,200),1.0,"bankgothic","left","top",false,false,false) --Separator
dxDrawText(tostring (showammo1),611.0,731.0,659.0,766.0,tocolor(0,255,255,175),1.0,"bankgothic","right","top",false,false,false) --Ammo in clip
function hudChanger ()
showPlayerHudComponent ( "armour", false )
showPlayerHudComponent ( "health", false )
showPlayerHudComponent ( "money", false )
showPlayerHudComponent ( "clock", false )
showPlayerHudComponent ( "weapon", false )
showPlayerHudComponent ("ammo", false)
showPlayerHudComponent ( "money", false )
addCommandHandler ( "hidehud", hudChanger )
addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", getRootElement(), hudChanger ) -- Hide the HUD (except oxygen) on resource start.
function hudChanger2 ()
showPlayerHudComponent ( "armour", true )    
showPlayerHudComponent ( "health", true ) 
showPlayerHudComponent ( "money", true )
showPlayerHudComponent ( "clock", true )
showPlayerHudComponent ( "weapon", true )
showPlayerHudComponent ("ammo", true)
showPlayerHudComponent ( "money", true)
addCommandHandler ( "showhud", hudChanger2) -- Show all the HUD if you want to.

You saw those DX texts? The X and Y for the Ammo In clip (line 22) is 611 and 731, and The X and Y for total ammo (line 20) is 684 and 731.

A little Screen for the results ingame: mtascreen20100605115704.jpg

(It's not really glowing ingame, just edited in Picasa to make it glow. Man I want glows like that! HQ ftw!)

And location on full image (1024x768): mtascreen20100604202404.th.png

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I once read a similiar topic about guiGetScreenSize which wanted to place a GUI in the middle of the screen. Had to divide the height and width of the screen and then subtract GUI's height and width divided by 2.

middle height GUI = (screen height)/2 - (GUI's height)/2

middle width GUI = (screen width)/2 - (GUI's width)/2

That starts making some sense.

But seeing that you don't want to have it in the center. I'm sure you saw the dxDrawText wiki page. There you see this:

local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize() -- Get the screen resolution
dxDrawText( playerZoneName, 44, screenHeight-41, screenWidth, screenHeight, [..]

This might come helpful?

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you need to decide which edges of the screen you want to have them positioned against (looking at the screenshot, probably bottom/right)

then you just need to find the difference between your screen size and your position values

for example, for your ammo line:

dxDrawText(tostring (showammo2),684.0,731.0,732.0,766.0,tocolor(0,255,255,175),1.0,"bankgothic","left","top",false,false,false) --Total Ammo

we subtract each of your position values from your screen size (remembering your resolution is 1024x768):

left position value is 684, 1024-684 = 340

top position value is 731, 768-731 = 37

right position values is 732, 1024-732 = 292

bottom position value is 766, 768-766 = 2

which then gives us:

dxDrawText(tostring (showammo2),sWidth-340, sHeight-37, sWidth-292, sHeight-2, tocolor(0,255,255,175),1.0,"bankgothic","left","top",false,false,false) --Total Ammo

this clamps the dx to the same position (relative to the edges of the screen) on every resolution

repeat this process for all your dx items (rectangles will be easier because you only need to do the first 2 values)

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Here is a small example resource to display an image on the screen. The image will be scaled and positioned proportionally with any resolution, as shown in the screenshots (please disregard the cheat info bar,it is another script which doesn't scale anything ;))




1920*1080 (but resized to 50% to keep file small..)


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Thanks very much R3mp! I'll remember these maths.

So this way it can be done in all GUI elements & DX drawings.

All the others: thanks, that helps me too, but R3mp helps the most. Now I understood about guiGetScreenSize and why not put it on the wiki as the way to count it? :D

And R3mp, thanks to your guieditor, I could make GUIs and master it! I'm just a newcomer in scripting world in the beginning, but here it goes along the way. Yeah! 8)

Now for another question: How to hide or show a GUI element or DX drawings?

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