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Grand Theft Auto: San Andres and Grand theft Auto Sin City


What Would you want the 4th gta name to be?  

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  1. 1. What Would you want the 4th gta name to be?

    • GTA: NYC
    • Vice City 2: Taking Over
    • GTA: Vice City 2003
    • Grand Theft Auto vs Grand Turismo

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This topic is for Info concerning the new ps2 games that should be released during late 2003 or early 2004... Here is some info i will start this thing off with (this maybe fake but im puting these posts up to see if anyone can verify)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be the last game to use the same engine. as gta3 and gta:vc. It will be set in Los angels but in this game the map changes. (i.e you literally fly to different places of the earth.) You will be able to pilot even more vehicles and rumor has it that one mission will be having the player break the land speed record in the spirit of america rocket car. <(source from gtplanet.net)>

Now, Grand Theft Auto 4: Tokyo City will use a completely different engine obviously alot better. Think real-time shadows and first person, think destructible light sources and 10x as many polies per object. Rumor has it that GTA4:TY will run on a higly modified Splinter-Cell game engine.

Not much is know about the story line, except that it takes place in the future 20 years from now. Expect flying cars and hovercrafts. Expect cyber whores!

GTA4: Tokyo City will *NOT* appear on the PS2. 2005 Sony will be releasing their PS3. The PS3 will feature unprecidented graphical abilities, the VUI of the ps3 will more likey represent that of a windows based OS. The system can also be plugged up into various other parts of your home. (other comps., tvs, sound systesm, even the fridge) So in effect the PS3 will be more of a central household computer hud where you can control everything from TV channel to fridge status.

GTA4:TC *WILL* appear *ONLY* on the PS2 (and PC)


EveryBody Please help verify this info tell me if you think its true or big bull ****

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Vice city was never considered as GTA-4. It was ment to be like an expansion, well thats what they first said then developing it but that kinda changed didn't it. i heard awhile ago when R* registered the domain name for San Andreas, Romer has it that GTA-4 is San Andreas and that it's a Multiplayer Online version of GTA with a new engine.. i haven't heard anything for awhile about it though.. i could be talking alot of crap, but thats what i'v heard

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Ok i dont know if this is true but on the vcn heli on the helipad in downtown the side of the plane says d193sa wich means

december 19, 2003 San Andres do you think this is true??? ill have pics later

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Gta san andreas is set in the 70's before vice city.

this is the last installment of that particular engine.

when ps3 comes out gta 4 with a new engine comes out with multiplayer...im not shure if they will make another vice city in the 90's or san andreas in the 80's...im not quite shur...

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GTA:VC is more like GTA 3.5... :)

Oh ya, and I'm pretty sure that VC:2003 isn't possible... in GTA 3 Tommy Vercetti is one of the people you get missions from (on the first GTA 3 island)... I think.

(Donald Love, on the second GTA 3 island, is in GTA:VC too :))

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GTA4:TC *WILL* appear *ONLY* on the PS2 (and PC)

You're not saying that right, at first you're saying it will not appear on PS2, and now you're saying it will *ONLY* appear on the PS2 :P, probably a typo

Anyways, i think the future GTA will get a whole other style/gameplay when it will be released on the PS3/PC, i don't really know if i like the idea of flying cars, cyber shit, a completely other engine that'll completely change the current GTA style, i don't really like games that play in the future cause it's so un-real, not realistic most of the times

Of course, let's hope PS3 isn't a good platform again to port the multiplayer part to the computer so MTA can remake that part again ;)

If it's really based on Windows, it doesn't look good for us.. let's hope Linux has beaten Windows then and it's unable for R* to make the multiplayer part :P

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The deal was 2 titles in 2 years.

Another recent rumor is that VC will be released with a different title and altered content on xbox as well.

Here is how I think it will pan out:


GTA:SA will be the next installment in the series and it will be much like a mod of VC, just like VC was basically a mod of III. It will not be for the PS3 and will not feature a new engine. We'll have to deal with the renderware platform yet again.

Mark my words, that's how it will pan out, there is no way R* will wait until PS3 release (late 2004, early 2005) for another gta franchise game.

You heard it here first.

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