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The Eyes Of Multi-Theft Auto

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The Eyes Of Multi-Theft-Auto

I have recently created a program using the game-monitor standings, to show the best servers in:





To show these standings, I have created a website. The website includes:

-Server standings

-Scripting section (just for newbies)

-A gallery

If you think something is wrong in the standings, tell me. I will update frequently.

Visit Now At

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Well.. no offense, but it looks horrible and is all jumbled. I don't know if you designed it for IE or something, but.. you shouldn't. Focus on proper browsers instead. :wink:

From a content perspective:

- Game-Monitor still blows, and if people spend time piling other systems on top of it, it is most likely being wasted.

- Pointing to the servers that are already most popular is a waste of time, since a LOT of people will already sort the server list by players by default. How about featuring some lesser known servers instead? Telling people about things they already know about is kind of a waste of time... Besides, the most popular/full servers aren't necessarily the best.. look at all the virtually unmodified freeroam servers with tons of players.

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