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New Complete GTA3 Mod


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I was thinking about getting a team together to make a whole new game on the GTA3 engine. This would mean new missions, cars, and a new map. Yeah I do know I'm crazy :shock: but if we could get it done that would be great. I know there is a LOT of talent on the MTA boards, so if anyone would be willing to be the first few to venture into this project, please contact me.

First I'm going to need a group of people who can inspire this. Meaning we kind of sit in an IRC channel and throw ideas out and make it happen. At that point we can start work, recruiting people to use their skills and make this game.

I'm not starting this mod off like most of them start, with a couple people modding GTA3, we're starting completely from scratch to see what we can turn out.

For the first couple members, we're going to need a couple skills. People with any of these experiences would be useful:

-main.scm coders

-mission coders

-experienced mappers

-car modelers

If you have any other skils I'm sure you'd be a valuable member to the group. The name and all details will be created as soon as we get a team with good minds together to create a truly great GTA3 mod.

If you are interested in any of this or have questions, shoot me an email, PM me, or IM me. Thanks. :wink:

P.S. Don't call me retarded, because simply put: I know I am. :lol:

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Yeah Vice City runs 10x better than GTA3 on my computer, and editing the games is nearly the same.

I had an idea to create an all new map, though this would be hard, it'd probably be a pretty big step in creating the mod. After that we'd probably modify the interface, such as menus, start screens, and the HUD. We could then start on the main.scm which would be a long task. My one concern is the radio stations. We have a few options: keep the current ones, get rid of them completely, or put our own together with music but no talking. The only problem with that option is the fact that music is copyrighted and blah blah..

My main ideas are to make a new map, then put new stuff such as different/more rampages, change and add more hidden packages for more gameplay, and a lot of other things.

I really do want some people who are interested though so we can get more ideas.

EDIT: I also want to do new missions, but the lack of cutscenes is kind of worrying me, post me your ideas on that.

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UPDATE: Have a pretty good idea for the name and story of the mod.

I was thinking of calling it Grand Theft Auto: New Beginnings. Basically it consists of Tommy Vercetti leaving Vice City and letting Ken Rosenberg take care of the business down there while he goes to a new city to expand. Basically you have to start from the beginning, and make this new city your own.

I really need to get people to start working on this, but the general forum doesn't get much attention, so whoever is reading this, if you know any devs who will be interested, tell them to get in touch with me.

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i don't know much about modding gta 3/vc, but i'd be happy to make an installer for it, or a launcher, i know how annoying it is when you install something and when you want to play normal gta3/vc u have to go about putting all the files back getting peaved off and reinstalling it.

i made a few maps/cities on gta1, and some simple missions, but thats the extent of it, the gta2 map editor confused me...(but i think this was due to how on my computer it seemed to crash everytime i do something...was it designed to be run in NT?:P)

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