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It's possible. I saw some guys do it, and they told everyone including me. They were on a official server. I found commands for pink, blue, and orange font names. You have to add either ~b~ (blue), ~g~ (pink, or ~o~ (orange) before your name. e.g.


would make your text pink.

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the code, broken down for my username, "Dex":


broken down:

~t~ = teal, color

D = first letter, teal colored

~o~ = orange, color

e = second letter, name

~b~ = blue, last color, and used for your text messages. last color is always the color of your messages.

x = last letter name.

that might give you a better idea of how it works. also be careful, there's a 12 character max including any color code markup. and remember, it goes right into the "name" spot of your mta client, type the code with your name like normal.

Here's some color's i know:

~r~ = pink

~g~ = pink (again)

~b~ = blue

~t~ = teal

~o~ = light orange

~y~ = yellow

sorry to everyone whose games i kept leaving and re-entering while testing these!

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awww scorpion im i your friend lol

the codes work much like bbcodes on the forum, shame italic doesnt work i will have to give that flashing one a go tho :)

just imagine the space the chat would need if everyone hade all their tags on i think its best to keep names shorter unless they make the font smaller in future

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