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Vice City Force Feedback Emulator


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I haven't tried this yet myself but I thought that it was pretty damn cool so I'm gonna post some info and a download link for it here !!

Link to download Vice City Force Feedback Emulator

Vice City Force Feedback Emulator - UDATED AGAIN: v1.2 Non-Beta

Have you ever wanted to feel all the bumps and bangs when going for a midday cruise around Vice City? Well thanks to LithJoe and me its now possible. I've created the first Force Feedback emulator (enabler) for Vice City. Some of you who have tried my RTC fix for Colin McRae Rally 3 will enjoy the features of this Add-On.

- Whats new in version 1.2 on 8/11/03?

*Fixed a bug that didn't allow a large collision to play a force

*Added 'Wait for collision trigger to reset' option

*Added 'Realtime' option

*Fixed problems with Magnitude multiplier

*Fixed scroll-bars (SmallChange = 1)

*Changed Test buttons to F7 & F8 because of conflict with Trainer

*Better error handling on start-up

- Whats new in version 1.1 on 8/9/03?

*Proper Collisions, even on-foot

*New detection that fixes problems with damage-proof cars

*The game controls the magnitude for Collisions - varied magnitude

*Full gun feedback when firing with anything

*Defaults changed

*Event List

*Clickable ON/OFF button

*Buttons 1 & 2 test forces while in-game

*Faster response


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