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Future MTA Game Modes.

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Here is your chance to add to the development of mta,

we want to hear your ideas for game modes and subgames/minigames in mta, these can be things that you play already like the popular 'ManHunt'

(a player is identified by skin, and current vehicle/location, he is the fugitive, everyone else trys to kill him),

and the fairly popular 'Bank Job'

(varies, but usually one or more people 'own' the bank, others try to shooot thier way in, kill the owners, then drive away before they can be caught up with and killed themselves)

or the current VCK favourite 'BikeBitch'

(one player takes a bike into bloddring and rides, the rest chase him in cars trying to knock him off, no weapons allowed, no attacking him once hes dismounted, once rider or bike is dead another gang member becomes the biker)

We dont need to know exactly how you would program them, just the basic ideas.

please dont repeat others ideas, once something is suggested then we dont need 4 others to say the same things.

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(Capture the flag with two teams. Each team must have a number of defenders and a number on offense if they want to succeed. Take your opponents flag back to your base to score.)


(Soccer with cars. A big Soccer is created in the open street and will have a goal on each side. Your team must have a number on defense and a number on offense. Use the cars to push the ball into your opponents soccer goal.)

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-Stunt Mode-

Players have to do stunts to get ponts. The person who has the most points wins.

-Team Deathmatch-

Easy to figure out...

-Capture the flag-

also easy

More to come...

OH OH!!!


Sync the beachball in that pool by the versetti masion.... Bounce the ball from player...

-Real Soccer- w/ beachball

or, you could play soccer with that ball... have a whole thing set up... A field with that ball, but reskinned.


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Stunt Timer - Two or more people have to try to do the most, and best stunts before the timer runs it. this could be actually quite easy, considering you earn money from doing stunts, so we could easily just say the people with the most cash earned by stunts win.

Team Stunt Timer - Same as above, but there are teams, and the teams scores are added up together.

All out racing - Grab some cars, race to the finish line, the person who makes it past a certain point fastest wins.

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turf wars

(its simple, its like how long can you hold a point untill you die for example your in malibu club you have to kill any body trying to take over your point, the longest that anybody has hold the point untill the timer runs out wins then a next point is declared.)

it very cool idea

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Just to let you know, ideas that have previously been thought of have been

VIP (Assasinate the one guy while he runs and hides from everyone)

Team VIP - Each team has a VIP (and is stronger than the rest as well =) - kill him to win

Capture the Car (Whoopie)

CTF (Capture the flag/briefcase/donkey porn etc ;-P )

DM (Deathmatch)

Team DM

Greed (Get X $$$ first)

Tag (A revolving chaos tag gamemode)

Liberty City Survivor (Last Man Standing)

Liberty City Survivors (same as above, but with teams instead)

Multiple race mode ideas

King of the Hill (hold/defend an area for X minutes)

Thats all i can think of for now =)

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simple teams would be cool, everyone gets same weapons, and everyone gets a car, both teams get identical cars. the players are identified by color, blue vs red, whatever.

i think the best mode would be the manhunt mode you talked about, reminds me of the movie hard target, or surviving the game. Give 1 person no guns and 100health and armor, he starts where the 'hunt team' starts and is given say 60 seconds to run away, at this time the hunt team is watching him scramble, then the hunt team in there cars and bikes take off looking all over the city for him, it might be kinda tricky to do this and decide on radar options and whatnot, obviously you dont want the hunted on the radar because this would defeat the whole purpose and also you dont want the hunt to take 2 hours. maybe subtle hints could be given to the hunt team as to where the hunted just was or what hes doing, also maybe he could be given a sniper rifle while the hunters only get machine guns and such. there are lots of ways to do it but i think this mode would be most fun out of anything, also the hunted could maybe be able to get in random cars throughout the city but then he would be seen easier as well. could be verrrrrrrry fun :D

another that i played a few times with people was 'king of the building' at the building near spawn, where you ramp a car or bike up to get to it, there are also stairs around the back in the alley but thats no fun. Take specific building, have no way to get to it but by a few ramps where you have to jump your car to the top, the person trys to stay on top the building as long as possible before the next person gets up there and kills him and takes over. :wink:

also LMS last man standing is always fun, when you die you get to spectate the carnage.

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bring in the snipers and rockets.Maybe have a vip type game with some people protecting 1 main helicopter with the vip inside with snipers and rocket people trying to shoot them down. and hopefully in a few versions time maybe add the feature of using a sniper rifle while in a helicopter

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TAG - self explainitory ;)

Chase to kill - Mini game that would consist of you chasing someone with the only object is to kill there car (in this mini game getting out of car should be disabled)... also vehicles would be equal in speed.

CTF - capture flag from one city take it to other city to your base.

TDM - just kill

Spectator mode - Just spectate after you die and would be a button to spawn.

Free mode - Just roam the city and do whatever, like it currently is..

Stunt mode- Person with highest stunt bonuses wins...

races - Turn the regular track into a real race with laps, and announced winner(s)

Conquest - There would be flags, or check points set up all over the city and the object would be to secure, and capture all of the points on the map.

Objectives ( not the name it would be) - Much like regular gta it would have objectives that need to be completed over the city, first person to complete all objectives would win the game...

Demolition derby - Would be a ring like the track but without the hump in the middle. Would have many people, last one standing would win. No exiting vehicle during derby.

Chopper battle - all get apaches and must shoot each other out of the sky...

Cant think of anymore ATM... Does any of them ideas sound interesting ?


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Hmm..... :D I got an idea.It might sound dumb or something but here it goes: Cops 'n' Robbers - someone or a group can be the cops, others can be robbers, as soon as a cop take a robber out of a car, ot knocks them down , they arrest them , then..... hrm.....perhaps put them in that vice city police jailcell intill all others are arrested , or a robber comes and lets them free! :D I dunno, ive had this idea for a while, but like i said , its kinda dumb. hehehe :lol::lol:

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Like the manhunt idea too ^^

Think I didnt see the following, what would be pretty cool:

Vice City Dash:

Basically a checkpoint race, but instead that every checkpoint is a few hundred meters apart, there are a few across the city, as in: first one is at airport, second one is at filmstudios, third one is at Diaz estate and fourth on is at Malibu club.

This way, people have to choose their own routes, instead of following a preset one.

Of course everything is allowed, so someone could step out to shoot the opponent's car/tyres if he wants..

Also, they can change to a faster car if they'd choose to or have to.

Perhaps it could be made more fun, if some checkpoints would require the players to get out of their cars.. like if you put one in Diaz estate. Then other players could catch up with you and there'll be more hav0c, thus more fun ^^

Dunno, seemed really cool to me.

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some great ideas. i like them alot.

Maybe an idea to have several modes in 1 game, so everybody is just plaing, then two people get to a checkpoint wich lets them compete in a race while others are playing a different game on the same map.

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please dont repeat others ideas, once somethign is suggested then we dont need 4 others to say the same things.

dont repeat ideas please =P

is this message just to me, or is it to the other posters as a whole, because its not just me repeating stuff, and if i'm not mistaking (which i might be) a coop mode had not previously been suggested in this thread

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here is an interesting idea

anyone play rocket arena for quake?

well there are 2 cities here, with the multiworld mod, u will have like 5.

Each city should be able to have a gamemode. Than that way, in a server you don't have to play 1 game, but all. :)

after u cross a bridge

ur in the other game mode

or not, wtv u guys like :)

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-hmm.. storm the base, I posted on the muliplycity thread about having a fort and attacking it while one gang defends, well why not have the mansion fortified by about 8? and another 8 storm it and have to reach a location in it or maybe assasinate a king pin guy or sumthin

-a Brawl game, like team deathmatch but all melee weapons.

-Another might be chicken, wait u can do this without a game mode

-maybe one where somebody drives a truck or the armored vehicle and he has to reach a secure location while a gang tries to jack it without destroying it

-bad guy 3 cops(actual players) chasing him

-an infiltration one, in the mansion, or the army base and one guy has to sneak his way in without getting killed of course he wouldnt be on the radar so this would be a kind of splinter cell/metal gear solid style, it would be set in the dark and he would be wearing black and the other teams objective would be to eliminate him

-tank wars, fight with tanks

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Bomb Squad?

one of the 2 places you get to blow up.

The Drug plant from Trojen vooDoo,

and the Starbucks in the mall.

one team defends the bomb (Bad guys)

Second Team (cops)

the other team has to stand in the Pink Spinning thing for a short amount of time to defuse the bomb. the Bad guys have to stop that from happening. the time whould be like 5 to 10 mins for a bomb to go off. depending on what the target is.

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Domination, with no fixed domination points... just a radius around

you, which might be pushed back by how long the previous area has

been dominated for, so the shorter it's been, the smaller your radius

will be, so that the gangs can organize themselves into persistant

gang wars with shifting boundaries.

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Ah! I got another one ive been thinking of.

Sniper wars: Give everyone a sniper rifle and unlimited ammo, but take off the radar and blips and crap, so they can only kill by sight, and they can hide, like in buildings and what not, i dunno anyone wanna add to that or anything. :lol::lol::P:roll:

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Why is nobody thinking of boats? Is it not possible to put them in multiplayer? In any case:

-"Boat Race": Self explanatory


-"Boat Stunts": " "


-"Yarrgh Matey":

Team A: Ship Crew

Team B: Pirates

Mission A: -Protect the ship

Mission B: -Hijack the ship


"Get Dat Stripper":

Team A: 1 NPC stripper

2 Owner Pole Position Club

3 Body Guards

Team B: kidnappers

Mission A: -Protect your stripper

- If she's been kidnapped, go and KILL that bitch

Mission B: -knock down (DONT KILL!) the stripper, She'll auto teleport to the base

- kill the owner

^----- If the owner kills the stripper before they can get to her, B wins

If the stripper has been brought to b team, then killed by the owner, the bodyguards must PROTECT the owner (kill the remaining threat of kidnappers)


"Crime Unit"

This is quite a big thing. You COULD chop it up into different small missions, but I like it this way better, it would take up a whole map...

This is quite like cops and robbers, but way more advanced...

Team A: 1 VCPD




5 Army (some NPC's)

Team B: 1 streetracers

2 gang1 / and gang2

3 Organised Crime

4 Hacker(s?)

5 Terrorists

(If the game of a+b1 is over (someone wins/loses/draws) then those in that game will switch to a+b2)


A1: -Stop illegal streetracing before they have all finished.

B1: -Streetrace! And get to the finish!

^---If B gets out of their car, they are teleported to jail to wait for next round.

If B's car takes too much damage, instead of exploding, B auto-exits their car.

A2: -Arrest with "rubber bullets" the gangs.

NOTE: AT LEAST one member of each gang.

- Keep them in jail, and prevent the gangs from busting out prisoners.

B2: -Kill the other gangs leader

-If Opponent gang leader is killed, kill the rest of the opponent gang

-If opponent gang is killed, bust out your gangmembers that are in jail

^---- Each gang has a leader, if this leader gets shot, the gang without leader will NOT respawn and will have to wait to next round if they get shot. If the leader gets arrested, there will be a new leader, the one with the most frags. B will not see A on the map. Just the blips of their own gang and the other gang. If a member of B has been arrested, they teleport to VCPD Jail, guarded by NPC guards.

If desired the member can be busted out by their own gang while fighting the other gang, but if the other gang is dead the jailed gangmembers from their own group HAS to be busted out.

A3: -Stop B-leader from getting to airport.

-Stop B from driving rigged Kaufman cab into Kaufman's Cabs.

B3: -Drive rigged Kaufman Cab into Kaufman's Cabs. Trigger it and RUN!

-Get your leader to the airport (if he has gotten to the airport he will respawn as an extra B member)

^--- If both teams managed to achieve one mission, but failed at the other, there will be a draw

A4: -Eliminate threatening B

-Prevent them from getting a classified disc to their base

B4: -Get disc with goverment secrets from to the B-base (normal appartment)

^-- B doesn't have much weapons to defend themselves. OR there is only ONE person in B, with normal weapons. And maybe there's an extra bonus that he gets extra weapons when he has got the disc and is on his way home

A5: -Garrison sertain checkpoint

-Prevent B from bombing (Another, not the same as in mission 4)

-If bomb has been planted, disarm it (takes 10 seconds)

B5: -Hijack army truck (manned with NPC soldiers) (DO NOT BLOW UP!!)

-Park the truck within a radius of 100 meters of the checkpoint

-Get out of the truck and get to the checkpoint ASAP

-Take any vehicle and get to the gov structure to plant the bomb (takes 15 seconds)

-Guard the bomb with your life, it's for a good cause.

^---Story wise: The checkpoint is a place of an arms dealer with chemical explosives, he is a friend of B's leader. So he made a deal: If B gets him his army truck, he'll trade it in for the chemical explosives... So if B gets in the checkpoint it'll get the explosives.

^^^^^All of these missions have their own vehicles to drive, if the players try to jack any other car, those cars will just be locked (Unless the current vehicle JUST blew up: then you get 90 seconds to jack a new vehicle. If you shoot at your own car it won't take damage [to prevent people from shooting their slow truck to get in another vehicle :wink:])

I think that this whole gameplay should be featured on a NIGHT time of VC.


"You Smudged my Nicke's!"

Team A: Drunk players group 1 / Owner of Malibu & bodyguards

Team B: Drunk players group 2 /Owner of PPC & bodyguards


A: - Drunks: Stab or beat down the other drunks (in B)

- Kill the bodyguards & Owner of PPC if drunks B has been killed

B: - Drunks: Stab or beat down the other drunk player group (in A)

- Kill the bodyguards & Owner of Malibu if drunks A has been killed

^--- So what happened you say? Some real good group of customers of Malibu and the Pole Position Club have bumped into each other while beeing drunk... They turn agressive and start fighting and stabbing and pounding eachothers heads in on the streets, meanwhile the owners of Malibu and PPC are fed up with eachother, because having customers of their own club fighting the other club isn't good for business. They decide at the same time to solve it themselves, so after wasting the other club's drunks on the streets (if their own drunks don't do it first) they head to eachother, along with their bouncers, to settle this once and for all... With violence.

the drunk fight is somewhere far away but about equal distance from both clubs. both drunks from A and B have a short spawning point (one small street) before fighting eachother... When the drunks get killed they do NOT respawn... The groups only see the drunks as blips on the radar... if a group killed the opposite drunks, then that group get blips on their radar of the location of the owner and bodyguards of the opponent group.

Both group of drunks have the baseballbat, and the small knife (found in GTA VC in the Malibu)


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Some original stuff in there, BB C-4. I like it, especially the pirates and the drunks, though I don't know if it's possible to realize that, because boats give some problems currently. And for the drunks, I'd have their controls all screwed up (like in the drunk driving mission 'Boomshine') Both gametypes would be great fun indeed. Anyway, I got the idea, and have made a mental note to include such features if possible at all.

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