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MTA 0.5 Dedicated Server Patch 1 Hotfix released

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I've released a Server Patch 1 Hotfix that closes the motd.txt exploit. Included in the archive is an motd.txt which is set to read-only by default and contains a warning to not modify the file as well as information about the exploit. Considering the in-game MOTD currently only displays gibberish for other players, there's no downside to doing this. Otherwise, MTAServer.exe is exactly the same as Server Patch 1.

If you have previously applied the workaround, there is no need to update to Server Patch 1 Hotfix.

Download Server Patch 1 Hotfix (Windows)

Download Server Patch 1 Hotfix (Linux)

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I have disabled the "MOTDEnabled" function in MTAServer so this exploit will become a non-issue in any circumstance when I release 0.5r2. Since the ingame MOTD feature doesn't work anyway, there's no point in being able to use it. Rich MOTD still works, of course.

I also fixed up a bunch of text strings to correct some minor typos, which is just about all I can do to MTAServer without having its source.

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