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Freezing on me while playing online

Guest Uifz

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Hi, I'm new here and downloaded it and it works all the time, but every so often when I play online, the game "beeps" and it just freezes on me and I have to Push Ctrl Alt Del, then I go back into the game connect to the same game and go back and then it happens again 15 minutes later where the game makes a "beep" and freezes on me where I cannot do anything. Does anyone know how to fix this? I hate it because it does it to me every server and everytime, sometimes it happens 5 minutes into the game, sometimes 20, sometimes an hour. :(


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happens to me also its only version 0.1, i just look around it becuase its sooooo much fun. im just glad my computer has stop restarting, that was the computers fault. but if you can go for 30 minutes its good.

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there are memory problems since they are technically "hacking" the games memory for multiplayer... in the next versions i expect the errors will get quite far and few between... we just need to wait and play this as it is. Remember these guys arent being paid, its all for the community and the joy of playing the game. :):D

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