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feature - Enter/Exit Player Names during ingame and chat

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I had a minor question and perhaps a suggestion I suppose about the upcoming release of 3.5. Ofcourse, I'm speaking about GTA3 so don't confuse my post with VC related issues.

- My question/suggestion would be, have the programmers ever thought about including a visual ingame feaure that lets other players know who you are? Meaning, once you enter the game, your nickname would pop up in the top left hand corner of the game screen notifying other players who you are. This would also enable users to acquire the knowledge that a new person joined the game. I think it would be a nice and useful feature... this way there wouldn't so much confusion as to how many players are in the game and it would be nice to know who's playing while you're driving around instead of having to resort to alt + tab to view the console of players.

- My next suggestion/idea would be, you guys suppose you could implement an easier way to communicate with others? Such as perhaps pressing a chosen key on the keyboard to active the chat function? Some may want to communicate while in the game in order to decide on a place to race or ask where the other player is currently at. ( i know, that's what the map is for) But in this form, people could ask specific people where they're at, not just take a guess by going to every player listed on the map screen. It would be an excellent addition to the game instead of having to alt + tab again to pause your game and look @ what others are saying/asking.

- Just a thought, probably won't be applied but I think it would be a neat feature. If you've covered a similar concept on another post, disregard this post. 8)

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